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Reverse Proxy


Caddy v2

Self hosted services are hosted through a single instance of a reverse proxy served by Caddy. Caddy is a highly extensible, self-hosted platform on which you can build, configure, and deploy long-running services . Caddy 2 also handles all TLS certificates through Lets Encrypt using my Google Domain.


The CaddyFile entries are automatically generated with ansible.


Service Web Address Port Host Restricted
Bitwarden Server pass 80 True
Blue Iris NVR cams 8081 False CI/CD drone 80 True
Emby Media Server emby 8096 True
Gitea gitea 3000 True
Gitea SSH gitea-ssh 2223 True
Glances - Main Docker glances 61208 True
Glances - NUC Docker glances-nuc 61208 True
Glances - Windows glances-nvr 61208 True
Grafana grafana 3000 True
Home Assistant home 8123 False
Jackett jackett 9117 True
Matrix Chat Server matrix 443 True
Element Chat element 443 True
Mealie mealie 80 True
Node-Red nodered 1880 True
NZBGet nzb 6789 True
Pihole - Main pihole 8012 True
Pihole - NUC pihole-nuc 8012 True
Portinaer - Main portainer 9000 True
Proxmox - NUC prox-nuc 8006 True
Proxmox - Main proxmox 8006 True
Radarr radarr 7878 True
Sonarr sonarr 8989 True
Synology NAS nas 5000 True
Transmission trz 9091 True
Unifi Router unifi 443 True
mkdocs Wiki wiki 80 True


Documentation Generated By Ansible on 2021-03-06